Collaborative Learning Network

The idea of coordinating your own learning, seeking out your own mentors, organizing your own classes and workshops, and pursuing real-time learning is being recognized around the globe as a fundamental part of 21st century learning.

How Experts Can Help

We contact you when we have a question or need expert help, and you let us know if you can help or try to connect us to someone who can.

Goals for the Children Include:

  • stimulating curiosity
  • developing confidence
  • taking ownership of their learning experience
  • exposure to people and worlds beyond their context
  • fostering independent thinking

  • improving literacy and communication skills
  • developing search skills
  • Strengthening social skills
  • encouraging collaboration with peers
  • developing habits for lifelong learning
  • having fun!

In Search of …


If your family is currently seeking a change in your learning environment, tell us more about your needs here.

Have A Passion For What You Do?

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Sessions might include:
  • engaging the children in conversation
  • asking questions and inspiring curiosity
  • exposing them to ideas and concepts
  • showing them pictures, videos or artifacts that provoke curiosity
  • encouraging them to find information on the internet
  • asking big questions for them to explore
  • responding to their questions and interests
  • singing and playing games
  • arts and crafts
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