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Who We Are

A collaborative of experienced educators, creatives, entrepreneurs, homeschoolers and engaged parents. We build and support cooperative learning spaces that help families design their own learning projects. We believe creativity is a valuable and unique resource, vital to cultivate in our youth and community as a whole. So, we also host and share experiences that encourage creativity and critical thinking while building community.


Foster an intentional community of learners and creative thinkers that enter a future that is self-determined .


Create spaces where community members come together in the spirit of inquiry, critical and ethical thinking, innovation, and collaboration. 

Our Goals

  • connect learners with experiences, content and resources that align with their interest-led studies
  • host educational and social events that support the building of our community
  • support entrepreneurial endeavors amongst the youth
  • create partnerships between the youth and business community


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Key Pillars



When interest and curiosity are engaged, learning happens. We support the students’ learning path with a breadth of resources and opportunities, coupled with real-world experiences and activities.

Why Choose Self-Directed Education?



The best collaborations are a result of each person bringing a strength to the greater collective. Learning can take place among parents, children, and the community.

How Can I Join?



We believe children are stakeholders in their learning process, and we allow them to take ownership in their learning and environment.

What Does That Look Like?



Learning goes beyond academics-we believe that it is equally important to foment social intelligence, ethical awareness, physical wellness, and mindfulness.

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